Spotlighting Self-Care in Your Daily Life

Self-care is a huge subject. I will be writing about this often. While sharing tips and spreading awareness, I intuitively know this will add to my self-care practice.

I think about this all the time because coaching connects to self-care. I often slip in tips for clients to practice self-care. I say "slip in" because sometimes it may be unsolicited advice. Generally speaking, people do not focus on self-care. Where would they have learned it? It was not part of my education nor did my parents model self-care. Given a few of the friends I associated with, I was lucky to leave my adolescence and college life behind without doing harm to myself.  Similar experiences are true for many people I come in contact with. Neglect is more familiar to them than self-care.

Self-care plays the most important role for optimum health and well-being. It is common sense that if we took better care of our bodies and mind, particularly at a younger age, our immune systems would be strong, our minds clear and calm, and our spines freer from inflammation and degeneration. 

Some of us give our cars more attention than our own bodies. Take good care of your car, and it will last much longer than a car that has not been fed with timely oil changes and other tune-up needs. There is also preventative maintenance such as keeping it waxed and undercoated to keep rust from forming. 

Taking care of oneself doesn't get the royal treatment it deserves. Sound the bugle, it is time for ME!


Truly, one may need to sound the bugle to pay attention – what's happening with your body, mind and spirit?

The body and mind's craving for attention often comes by way of stress signs and symptoms: lack of energy and motivation, irritability, insomnia, unhealthy eating, gaining or losing weight, headaches, stomach aches, exhaustion, and the list goes on.

For me, it was cancer. Cancer was my bull in the china shop that shouted, "Hey, stop exhausting yourself and living out of balance!" It was my wake-up call. Slowly, over a period of a dozen years, I made changes in countless ways to support caring for myself.

I will be tweaking and adding to my self-care practice from now until I die. Living life to its fullest requires self-care. They go sweetly hand-in-hand.

Soon to come on this blog: Starting with a self-care practice.