Focus on Optimism as Part of Your Self-Care

"Choose to be optimistic, it feels better."  Dali Lama XIV

An optimistic or pessimistic point of view is a very influential filter through which we see the world.  I tend to lean towards optimism, but 2017 has a much more challenging feel. 

Optimism is what we need to deal with unexpected change, crushing stress, and inevitable disappointments. It’s what helps us learn from mistakes rather than feel defeated by them.

Did you have a year full of optimism joy and hope, or not so much? Terrible violence and hatred was evidenced in the news, both in this country and abroad.

At the same time, small and large acts of kindness and goodness were also experienced. Did you notice? Did you participate?

There is a lot at stake on local, national and global affairs, and perhaps a lot to worry about. That said, I believe in letting go of as much worry as I can. 

The main practice, of self-care, I am committing to this year is optimism; a consistent practice to shift my perspective to the positive and raise my vibration. This will directly affect my health and well-being for the better and have a positive effect on others around me.

Are you naturally optimistic most of the time? For some optimism is as easy as breathing.  For the rest it is a practice to learn and a skill to develop.

Try this exercise to help get in touch with your internal optimism.

Close your eyes, and just breathe in and out through your nose three times, nice and slow. Bring to your mind an experience or view you find inspiring. Your first view of your child, a hawk circling in the sky,  a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, or a field of wild flowers, inspiration is very individual.

Look inward from inspiration to find the bubble of optimism that is deep within, the parts of your life that bring you and others joy and hope. Tune in for a little while and listen. What is the message?   From that space journal a bit or write a list.

Staying simple …Two Tips to Increase Optimism

Look for Solutions Rather than Problems.

Whenever you catch yourself focusing on a problem, experiencing negativity, or feeling self-doubt, ask yourself this question: What’s one thing I can do differently that could make this situation better? This technique replaces a problem-focused thought with solution-focused thinking—and enables you to imbue any situation with hope.

Create a Positive “Movie” of How You Want to BE.

In bed, right before you go to sleep, feeling relaxed, take a few minutes to imagine a short movie reel of how you want to be. Include specific details about how you look, how you feel, where you live, what you’re doing, what you’ve accomplished, and what your life is like. 

Take 30 seconds to replay this self-image movie every night before you go to sleep. This simple mental training exercise will instantly boost your mood and transform the way you think about yourself, your potential, and your future. I can elaborate more on this self-hypnosis technique if you email me at

None of us know what the next moment will bring much less the next day or week. If you have a choice between a pessimistic or optomistic viewpoint, which will help y0u more?