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Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Your Business Values Its Employees

Your success and productivity depend on a thriving workforce of healthy, happy, well-balanced individuals. The most successful companies out there define “success” in part by how well their employees are managing a healthy work-life balance, and how that contributes to their overall personal wellness.

As part of your business’ commitment to your employees health and wellness, you can invest in helping your employees develop healthier lifestyle behaviors and reduce stress in a variety of ways.

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making positive choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth that effects all aspects of our lives.  

A visionary wellness program helps employees feel they are valued as human beings. It can boost morale and loyalty to the company, increase productivity, and studies have shown time and again that progressive wellness programs have a remarkably positive effect on a workplace environment.

How do You Want to Be?

I always start by asking my clients, “How do you want to be?” As part of your business’ wellness program, I would ask you the same question, “How do you want your employees to be?” 

You might answer “healthy, focused, conscientious, positive, respectful, happy, productive, and creative,” and those would all be right answers. In fact, they’re the same answers most people give when asked individually.

Once you know how you want to be, the next step becomes how to get there. This is where I step in.

Experience & Opportunity

I have established a vital working relationship with Invest EAP (Employee Assistance Program), which affords me the opportunity to facilitate wellness workshops, and work on-site to provide resource guidance and support, and present EAP benefit orientations to organizations and business clients throughout Vermont.

In nearly every business I visit, I am able to see first-hand the stress and struggles employees are dealing with, and the effects these challenges have on their work and relationships. I see opportunities for creative, intentional interventions to help both individual and groups of employees address and overcome challenges everywhere, to improve their personal health and well-being, and ultimately their engagement and productivity at work.

As a coach, I offer a Wellness Program that can be teased apart as individual workshops for large or small groups, as well as offering Individual Self-Care and Wellness Mentoring.

Employee Self-Care Wellness Program

This program invites your employees to journey as a group through a series of self-care and wellness modalities designed to provide the tools and insights necessary to make better, more positive, life-affirming choices, embrace a wellness lifestyle intention, and live a happier, healthier life.

Please note that each part of this series can stand alone as a workshop or join with any of the others. The content or duration of the program is meant to adapt to the needs of your business.

The program includes:

  • Part 1 - Self-Care Assessment: General wellness and program introduction to set baseline goals for each participant.

  • Part 2 - Spotlight on the Physical Body: Together we will explore the benefits and practice of The Five Rites, and better sleeping habits. The Five Rites are five exercises that you move through in a mindful, focused state. Each exercise focuses on stimulating a particular part of the physical/emotional body, stretching and revitalizing as you work your way through. In sequence, the exercises constitute a complete, whole body workout. We'll discuss what prevents people from getting a restful night's sleep, and learn best practices to address a wide range of sleep related concerns.

  • Part 3 - The Mind: A brief overview of how stress effects the body and mind automatically (stress response), and learning to relax the body (relaxation response) to bring improved health and more calm into our lives. Introduction to basic information and understanding of neuroplasticity, How is it possible to create change when you put “your mind” to it?; “50 Things You Can Control” – realigning our focus on what we can control as opposed to what we can’t; learning a mindfulness orientation; an introduction to the book, The Four Agreements; and being introduced to modern tools and digital apps to help focus our wellness intention.

  • Part 4 - Emotional Body: We’ll learn practical anti-anxiety/stress management techniques, and how to curb negative self-talk while increasing positive attitude and self-care.

  • Part 5 - At the Workplace: Breaking up the day with “micro-sessions” of movement, breathing, quiet, and brain snacking.  

  • Part 6Changing Habits Moving Forward: Revisiting the Self-Care Assessment from week 1. Final evaluation and discussion of healthy habits and a wellness lifestyle. Individual Self-Care and Wellness Mentoring for Employees

Your business can offer services to employees as a group, or individually. I work one-on-one with employees to teach them practical and dynamic ways to manage stress and reduce anxiety, stop smoking, lose weight, or make other positive lifestyle changes.  

I help both individuals and groups explore the idea of developing a regular, intentional meditation and or mindfulness practice to increase self-awareness, openness, and wellness as part of an overall self-care program.  

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Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans