An Introduction to The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz
February 26, 6:30 - 7:30 P.M.
Aldrich Library, Barre

Would you like less drama in your life? Do you want to change old habits, attain more personal freedom, increase tranquility, and positive growth? Sherry uses The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz in her coaching to help clients with their change work. These agreements: Be impeccable with your word; Don't take anything personally; Don't make assumptions; and, Always do your best, will be the themes to guide us in self-reflection and experiential exercise during this one hour session.

This session may be the catalyst you need to create the positive change you’re looking for. It would be helpful to read the book before this workshop, but it is not a requirement.

For more info: or 802-272-2736

Introduction to Meditation
Barre Senior Center


Research has shown that the practice of meditation has many benefits for our health and well-being. Whether you are familiar with meditation of not, or simply stuck in your own practice,  Sherry will provide an understanding of meditation and an introduction to how and why it can be so effective. We’ll explore simple ways to start a meditation practice, practice and feel what that looks like, and answer all your questions about meditation.

With a background in Theravada Buddhism and a meditation practice going back 35 years, Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Learn more about Sherry at

Contact Jeannie Bones at the Barre Senior Center for more information and to register: or 802-479-9512

Introduction to Meditation
This workshop travels to your location. Contact Sherry to find out about scheduling this 1.5 hr. weekly, 5-week workshop.

In 2010, Sherry began offering an Introduction to Meditation series at Central Vermont Hospital. Since then she has presented to over 150 participants offering a meditation series two to three times a year.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and National Life Group have also engaged Sherry to present her Introduction to Meditation series to help their employees better cope with stress, anxiety, and personal challenges. 

Work-related meditation and relaxation training benefits:

  • Reduces sick days

  • Improves productivity

  • Improves work performance

  • Decreases use of employee insurance benefits

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Increases job satisfaction

  • Improves relationships with supervisors and co-workers

"Sherry led an onsite “mindfulness and meditation” series at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont. After the first session, I already felt as though I had learned crucial skills to cope with stress and methods for achieving a better state of mind. It was fascinating to observe students become more comfortable and progress throughout the series. Mediation is not easy; so it was inspiring to see many participants begin to master the practice." - Allyson B.

Take Time For Your Self-Care
This workshop travels to your location. Contact Sherry to find out about scheduling this 1.5 hr. weekly, six-week workshop.

What does self-care mean to you to you? How do you know you are taking care of yourself? We will meet weekly for 1.5 hours to learn and discuss the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and workplace/balance ingredients for taking care of you. Experiential activities and a list of resources will support this focused six-week process of helping you love your self-care.

Back by  Request! The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
This workshop travels to your location. Contact Sherry to find out about scheduling this 1.5 hrs. weekly, six-week workshop.

It's time to be impeccable with your word, and it's not just about what you say. Be a part of a facilitated study group of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, to help you create positive, affirmative changes in your life.

Learn how to identify and lose countless other negative agreements you consciously and unconsciously made beginning at a very young age, but never even knew.  

Apply these Four Agreements in your daily life to achieve:

  • Less drama

  • More personal freedom

  • Release old habits and old agreements

  • Stimulate new positive growth

  • Increase tranquility


  • Facilitated group hypnosis to reinforce positive outcomes for each session.

  • Learn self-hypnosis to enhance your practice and commitment in everyday life.

"A wonderful way to spend six weeks to learn the basic rules (agreements) that can transform a life of uncertainty and anxiety to peace and happiness. It's simple. The Four agreements make it very clear how to achieve a life of peace and happiness."  - Aly M.

"Powerful! Words are not adequate to say thank you. Sherry created a space in which it was safe to share, be and explore. The synergy of the group was transformative. " Maira M.

"What an eye opener! I have read this book two or three times but this format of group reading and participation provided a greater understanding and wisdom."  Chuck R.

Introduction to Hypnosis
This workshop travels to your location. Contact Sherry to find out about scheduling this 1.5 hr. workshop.

Sherry takes the mystique out of the word and stories behind hypnosis. Learn the power of hypnosis to change beliefs, habits, fears and phobias to create a healthier, happier and more meaningful life.

Participate in group hypnosis and learn self-hypnosis.


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