Making positive, intentional change

is a powerful step in taking control of your life, becoming the person you want to be, making better choices, and living your life how you want to live it.

Are you looking to make positive changes in your relationships or work life? Feel better mentally and physically? Quit smoking, lose weight, or just generally feel more confident and fulfilled?

Stress and anxiety can be challenging hurdles to overcome without the right tools. It’s easy to look around and see others seemingly at peace and living their lives to the fullest, while you feel like you’re barely treading water.

Integrative Life and Stress Management Coach

As an Integrative Life and Stress Management Coach specializing in hypnotherapy, I am committed to working with  you, as a partner, to help you reach your goals and make positive, enduring changes in your life. Together we work to change negative attitudes, beliefs and habits that have been holding you back, and tap into your innate, inner resources and potential to make real and lasting positive change.

As an Integrative Life Coach, I not only help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your life, but I use a variety of coaching tools including hypnotherapy, meditation training, biofeedback, Reiki, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), and intentional breathing to help with smoking cessation, weight loss, overcoming phobias, building confidence, public speaking, performance anxiety, relaxation, and a wide range of other concerns and issues.

Embrace the Possibilities

Regardless of the issue, a coach works with a client’s own desires, abilities, inclinations, and internal resources to move them into action. Learning rather than teaching helps accelerate a person’s progress, and provides greater focus, clarity, and awareness of all the possibilities which exist to move into that, “How I want to be” state of being.

TAKE CONTROL of your life today. LIVE the way you want to be. CHANGE the beliefs and habits that prevent you from fulfilling your desires, aspirations, and dreams.

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Integrative Life and Stress Management Coaching

Chances are the stress in your life has accumulated over a period of weeks, months or years. With the addition of short term stress, life may simply be overwhelming. You can transform this stress into long-lasting positive change.

Employee Wellness Program

You can invest in helping your employees develop healthier lifestyle behaviors and reduce stress. I also offer both a Six-Week Wellness Program for Groups, and Individual Self-Care and Wellness Mentoring for businesses.


Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused attention with a heightened sense of suggestibility. Professional hypnotherapy can help you reduce stress, lose weight, quit smoking, overcome fears or phobias, build self-confidence, pass exams, increase concentration, achieve self-acceptance, and overcome insomnia.