"I believe I'd built a very solid wall around myself, so to speak, that was based on my nicotine habit.  I hadn't realized to what extent until our sessions. 

 Within 6 months I plan on being much healthier and stronger than I've been in a long time, thanks to Sherry.   Being a Non-Smoker is the key to me establishing and attaining my exercise goals going forward.  I'm sure it would be much more difficult, if not impossible, to be where I'm at without Sherry’s professional, skillful and caring assistance." - Robert F.
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"I met Sherry after losing both my parents due to illness. This was a very stressful time in my life. She has been dedicated to listening to me, helping my physical ailments and health issues. She has taken a very holistic approach helping set goals that allow healing physically and emotionally. I look forward to our biofeedback sessions and feel grounded in between." -Jenn B.
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"Sherry, thank you for all your help. Hypnosis is a wonderful thing. Hypnosis is a short cut to getting rid of lots of pain. All types of pain. I'm so much happier now." -Cathy H.
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“The sessions I had with Sherry were each in themselves and as a whole very transformative for me. I approached Sherry for help with anxieties that were causing me to fall into a depressive state. I was curious about hypnotherapy and thought Sherry could perhaps hypnotize me out of some habits I decided needed to change. Instead, under hypnosis Sherry helped open up my subconscious mind to take a more in-depth look at conflicts within myself that have been causing me distress and sadness for most of my life. By doing so I was able to confront these primary issues and gain not only a sense of relief, but an understanding of how to focus myself during my daily conscious life.

Sherry taught me methods of self-hypnosis to use on my own to calm myself and lower stress. I continue to practice these methods almost daily. As human beings we make patterns in our lives. We may come to depend on these patterns as they give a sense of security, but so often these patterns make us misuse our lives and cause us grief. Under deep and close examination and with practice we can change these foibles to have a gentler and more substantial existence. I so enjoyed to have, with Sherry's guidance, a more positive and caring outlook on my life!”
- Nicole G.
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"When I leave Reiki I feel like I can conquer the world and it stays with you! -
Sharon O.
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Reiki sessions with Sherry have been wonderful. The sessions are restorative and  I leave feeling grounded and exhilarated at the same time. I was first introduced to Sherry and Reiki when going through radiation therapy after breast cancer; I’ve been seeing her regularly ever since. I believe Reiki has contributed to my successful recovery and continued wellness.  Sherry is not only a skilled Reiki practitioner, she is a lovely person. I highly recommend Reiki with Sherry.”  - Bernie C.
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"I recently sat with Sherry in a beginner's meditation session. It was wonderful to break out of my hectic work day to slow down, focus my mind and experience meditation. Sherry created an intriguing experience in her introductory class, particularly with her use of the sound of the meditation bell. That evening and every morning since I have put a tiny bit of meditation into my day. I am amazed at the positive results -better focus, calmer mind, less emphasis on small bothers and more emphasis on deeper meaning. I would encourage everyone to try an introductory class and get started, as Sherry advised, with 5-minutes a day!" - Tamara K.
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"I recently in the last year, on request from my daughter, decided to see Sherry. I saw her about ten times to learn to read my body and emotions. Through the HeartMath program, she taught me how to better understand and respond to my emotions and feelings, as well as to recognize what makes me stressed or upset. 

With her help and guidance I have been able to be more relaxed at work, sleep better and simply deal with everyday life without even knowing my heart is doing it. She has been a great help to me and because of it I am enjoying life and my family and my soon to be first granddaughter. I would highly recommend seeing Sherry." -Brian B.
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“I had a successful spinal fusion several years ago but 5 months post-surgery I began to have recurrent pain which impaired my ability to function. I tried multiple treatments, injections, acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy to no avail. All gave small but temporary relief. As a nurse, I'm used to researching medical issues and I discovered that Bio-Feedback and possibly hypnosis could help. I saw Sherry for about 7 sessions and gradually improved. Her gentle, kind and caring approach I believe was part of the healing. She even drove 45" to my house to do a treatment session. She recommended some books to read about Mind-Body healing which I believe reinforced her philosophy. I am happy to say I am off all medications except an occasional Tylenol and back to normal activities, now walking up to 2 miles, doing aquatic therapy twice a week, sitting in the car and traveling pain free and recently visited my 103 year old mother in Florida which I haven't been able to do in 2 years and suffered no consequences. I am truly grateful to Sherry for giving me my life back.” - Gladys Z.
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"Biofeedback is easily one of the most powerful and transformative tools for healing I have encountered in over 22 years of doing personal healing work.  It has proven helpful for a variety of physical and emotional challenges." – Sara C.
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“Before seeing Sherry, I suffered for many years with a chronic and degenerative condition that medical professionals were unable to diagnose or offer any kind of lasting relief.  I was exhausted, in tremendous physical pain, and feeling very frightened and hopeless about my future.  With regular Quantum Biofeedback sessions, my energy has improved, the pain and tissue swelling throughout my body has been dramatically reduced, and I’ve been able to taper off of traditional pain medications.  I can honestly say that this is the best I have felt both mentally and physically in many years.  

"Working with Sherry has restored my hope for a brighter future.  In addition to being a true professional and skilled practitioner, Sherry is one of the most genuine, sincere, and caring people I have ever known.  I cherish her intelligence, intuitiveness and guidance." - Dhiresha B., Consultant/Psychotherapist
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"Thank you, Sherry. Your talent for Reiki is the best way I’ve found to relax when too many worries in life pile up like a mountain." – Sharon O.
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"With Sherry's calm and steadfast voice guiding me through a hypnotic state, I've been able to clear and change some very stubborn core behaviors. I utilize self-hypnosis for relaxation and to reinforce these positive behaviors. This is all possible because Sherry's skill and gentle approach allowed me to trust this process and unfolding." - Anonymous
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"I came to Sherry with the hopes that she could help me more effectively deal with the chronic pain associated with cancer that had metastasized to bones in my spine, chest, and hips. After three hypnotherapy sessions, Sherry had given me several new pain management tools which facilitated a major shift in my attitude about the pain. Instead of fighting against the pain and how it was stealing my life away, Sherry showed me how to integrate the pain in a positive way into my life. Pain that used to stop me cold could now be thought of in a different way which immediately dialed back the pain level without recourse to pain medications. I’ve returned to my yard work, kayaking, and biking. Getting back on the trail is my next goal!

Sherry is a professional, compassionate, responsive, and creative coach. Her approach focuses on customizing the hypnotherapy for the client based on the client’s needs, experiences, and level of imagination. The recordings of my hypnotherapy sessions and her willingness to promptly respond to email questions were very helpful adjuncts to the process." - Max S.
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